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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Excite Bike Flash Game

Excite Bike Flash Game:

How To Play:

To adjust the size of the screen zoom in with your browser controls by holding control and press the plus or minus button on your keyboard, or hold control and scroll in and out with your mouse.

After adjusting the screen size click anywhere inside the game screen to activate the game controls.
    For help with using a gamepad to play this and other flash games, check out a nifty (and free) program called JoyToKey.


    For a race 
    Press space bar at the start to stop the bar, the more filled the bar is the faster you go at the start. 
    Do tricks while in the air to get points. 
    The more points you have the faster you go. 

    Left + A = Bacflip
    Left + S = Mulita
    Left + A = 360
    Down + A = Whip 
    Right + S = Mulita
    Right + D = 360
    Down + D = Sidewinder
    Up + D = Superman
    UP + D + S = Carolla
    Up + D + D = Kiss of Death
    Up + D + D + D = Tsunami
    Up + D + A = Rock solid

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