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Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 Press Conference: Playstation Vita (PS Vita): Street Fighter Cross Tekken

E3 Press Conference: Playstation Vita (PS Vita): Street Fighter X Tekken

Just a few minutes ago at the E3 Press Conference, Sony Playstation and Capcom just dropped a giant bomb on us consumers.  Not only did we get the official name of what we once called the NGP and now Playstation Vita, but Capcoms flamboyant representative Oni announced the release of their new fighting game still in the works Street Fighter X Tekken on the PS Vita.  In addition to this info it was also announced that inFAMOUS' leading character Cole McGrath will also join in on the fight.  As in inFAMOUS Cole will be using his lightning based attacks to take down his foes.

Along with the announcement of the official name also came some official prices.  The WiFi only model will be sold for $249.99, and the 3G/WiFi model will be peddled for $299.99 via the services of AT&T.

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