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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Final Fantasy XIV: Macro Guide

How to Make Sense of Macros in FF14

The macro system in FFXIV is similar to that of XI, and a lot of the same commands have carried over. You can find your macros under the Main Menu, Configuration. The macro palette is divided into two sets, CTRL and ALT, each with five rows of ten slots, for a grand total of 100 preset macros.

Using macros can greatly simplify the cluttered interface of Final Fantasy XIV, as you can perform actions quickly and without digging through menus. You can also string multiple commands together for perfect timing or the ability to do or change many things at once.

Changing Classes, Equipment, and Actions

In this example the macro changes classes into a Conjurer. By changing the equipment in your "main" hand you effectively change classes. To change your offhand item you need to use the word "sub" in your macro, as seen above. And every word in a piece of equipment's name needs to be capitalized, even if the item name doesn't appear capitalized in your inventory (i.e. Square Ash Shield).

The /eaction macro (short for /equipaction) changes an action you have assigned to your action palette. In the above example the action "Fire" is assigned to the sixth slot of the action palette. Note that the slots in the action palette are divided into three rows, 1-10 for the first, then 11-20 for the next, and 21-30 for the last row.

The first slot (/eaction 1) is always reserved for your default actions, such as Spirit Dart for Conjurer. In the picture below you can see that slot 1 is highlighted, to represent that it is a default slot. Archers have slots 1 and 2 defaulted. Defaulted slots cannot be changed, so don't bother including them in your /eaction macros.

Armor can be equipped just the same as weapons. Using the above example as a reference, you can just use the /equip macro and substitute "main" or "sub" with the armor or gear location. A thorough list of equippable slots can be found in the chart below. Again, always make sure names of equipment, spell, or actions are capitalized and in quotes. In the case of equipping colored or HQ gear, be sure to specify color with parentheses, and put the quality (+ value) at the end.

For example : /equip body "Cotton Robe" (Blue) +1
Macro Equipment Slots:



Main hand (weapon)
Off hand (weapon)
Thrown weapons
Ammunition (Arrows, etc)
Head armor
Neck accessory
Left earring
Right earring
Body armor
Hand armor
Left index
Right index
Left ring
Right ring
Left wrist
Right wrist
Belts, sashes etc.
Leg armor
Boots, shoes, etc.

Combat Macros

There are button inputs on the action palette that pop up in combat in Final Fantasy XIV, and you can use them to perform any action your character is able to, but macros allow you to do things quicker, and with less clutter. The basic formula for a combat macro is :

/ac “Skill Name” < t >

Targeting :

< t > : Performs the selected action on the eligible target.

< st > : Selects a sub-target that is different from your regular target.

< me > : Selects yourself for the target. Make sure to use this sub-command for all self-casting abilities.

< p0 > through < p7 > : Used to target specific people in your party. < p0 > is reserved for yourself, and < p1 > through < p7 > target the members of your party, in the order they appear on the list. Example : /ac Cure < p1 > would cast Cure on the first member of your party (the player who appears first on the party roster).

It is not necessary to use one action at a time; they can stack within the same macro (remember, you have 10 lines of code per macro slot). For example, here is a macro for Lancer that uses a couple buffs and then attacks:

/ac "Ferocity" < me >
/ac "Speed Surge" < me >
/ac "Doomspike" < t >

This macro uses the buffs Ferocity and Speed Surge before using Doomspike on the selected target. Be sure to order your commands accordingly; everything happens in the order that it is listed.

For Disciples of Magic combat macros (and macros in general, for that matter) are very important. The menu that pops up asking the player if they want to cast a spell as "Area of Effect" or "Select a Target" can get in the way and be extremely annoying. Here is an example macro that utilizes the /aoe command to avoid needing to use that frustrating menu.

The first line uses the /aoe command once, which toggles Area of Effect on. The next line uses the action "Fire" on < st >, or a selected target (manually selected after macro is activated in combat). The target could be < t >  instead, if you prefer, but I like to always be able to adjust my target as conveniently as possible. The next two lines are to toggle Area of Effect back off--waiting five seconds lets Square's servers digest the fact that you toggled AOE on in the first place. If you don't wait at least five seconds then the second /aoe command might not take effect. 

Here is a list of basic macro commands in the game :

B   A   S   I   C       M   A   C   R   O   S


/? /[command_name]

Gives a detailed explanation of specified command. Abbreviations can be used. If a command name is incomplete or does not exist, similar commands will be listed. *All names used with these commands must be one word, or in quotation marks if two or more words.
/s [message]
Sends a message to all PCs within a small radius. The message will not be displayed if a PC has their [Say] chat filter turned on.
/sh [message]
Sends a message to all PCs within a large radius. The message will not be displayed if a PC has their [Shout] chat filter turned on.
/tell [PC Name] [message]
/t [PC Name] [message]
Sends a message to a specific PC within the same world. You can also hit the space bar to start a chat line, then press CTRL + R to reply to anyone you have sent tells to.
/party [message]
/p [message]
Sends a message to all members of your current party, regardless of their location.
/linkshell [message]
/l [message]
Sends a message to all members of your active linkshell, regardless of their location.
/echo [message]
/e [message]
Displays a message that only you can see.
/chatmode [chat mode]
/cm [chat mode]
Set the default chat mode. Example: /chatmode party changes default chat to party chat. The default mode will be deactivated after a single message if it is set to shout. If you set the default mode to tell, you will still need to type the recipient's name. If no chat mode is specified, the current default setting will be displayed.
/action [subcommand]
/ac [subcommand]
Uses an action on a specified target. This cannot be used with actions you have not yet learned, or when restricted by other factors.Subcommands are "main" which uses main hand action and "off" which uses offhand action.
/areaofeffect [subcommand]
/aoe [subcommand]
Toggle between area of effect and single target cast modes. Subcommands are "on" which enables areas of effect and disables single target cast modes and "off" which does the opposite. If you omit the subcommand then it will simply toggle back and forth.
/battlemode [subcommand]
/bm [subcommand]
Toggles between active and passive mode. Subcommands are "on" which switches to active mode and "off" which switches to passive mode. If you omit the subcommand then it will simply toggle back and forth.
/battleregimen [subcommand]
/br [subcommand]
Toggles between battle regimen and active mode. Subcommands are "on" which switches to battle regimen mode and "off" which switches to active mode. If you omit the subcommand then it will simply toggle back and forth.
/marking [number (1-8)] [target]
/enemysign [number (1-8)] [target]
Set an enemy sign on the specified target. Select the type of sign using a number from 1 to 8. Example: /enemysign 1 sets sign type 1 on the targetted enemy.

Targets the closes PC within a certain radius.

Targets the closest NPC or monster within a certain radius.

Locks on to a target.

Continues walking/running in the current direction you are moving. Move in the opposite direction to cancel.
/wait [wait time in seconds]

Used to adjust the pause between macro commands. The maximum wait time is 60 seconds, if over 60, it will be counted as 0.
/recast [action name]

Displays the time remaining until the specified action can be used again.
/item [item name] [target name]

Uses an item on the specified target. Cannot be used with items that are not in your inventory, or when restricted by other factors.
/equipaction [slot] [action name] [subcommand]
/eaction [slot] [action name] [subcommand]
Equips an action into a specified slot. If an action name is omitted, the action currently equipped to that slot will be removed. Basic class actions cannot be removed. Slots are designated by the numbers 1-30. Subcommands are "main" which sets the action to the main hand and "off" to set the action to the off hand. If subcommand is omitted, the action will be equipped to the appropriate hand. Actions usable in either hand will be equipped to the main hand.
/equip [slot] [item name]

Equips an item to a specific slot. If an item name is omitted, the item currently equipped to that slot will be unequipped.
/partycmd [subcommand]
/pcmd [subcommand]
Executes various party commands. Subcommands are "add" which invites the targeted PC to your party, "leave" which will cause you to leave your current party, "oust [name]" which will kick a PC from your party, and "disband" which will disband the current party.

Accepts a party invite.

Declines a party invite.
names [subcommand]

Turns all name displays on or off. Subcommands are "on" which turns names on and "off" which turns names off. If you omit the subcommand then it will simply toggle back and forth.

Changes your online status to Away. Your icon will change.

Logs out of the game. Cannot be in active mode.

Displays the current time.
/check [target name]

Checks the specified target.

Opens your loot list.
Opens your friend list.
Displays your blacklist.

Opens the current area map.
Opens the help desk menu.
/shadow [subcommand]

Toggles the display of character shadows. Subcommands are "on" which enables shadows or "off" which disables shadows. If you omit the subcommand then it simply toggles back and forth.
/dusteffect [subcommand]
Toggles the display of graphic effects left by characters feet. Subcommands are "on" which enables the effects or "off" which disables them. If you omit the subcommand then it simply toggles back and forth.
/physics [subcommand]

Toggles realist physics effects. Subcommands are "on" which enables the effects or "off" which disables them. If you omit the subcommand then it simply toggles back and forth.
/profanity [subcommand]

Toggles the profane language filter. Subcommands are "on" which enables the filter and "off" which disables it. If you omit the subcommand then it simply toggles back and forth.
/scrollingbattletext [subcommand]
/sbt [subcommand]
Toggles the display of damage and other combat information. Subcommands are "on" which displays the text and "off" which disables it. If you omit the subcommand then it simply toggles back and forth.
/extendeddraw [subcommand]
/edraw [subcommand]
Extend the range at which graphics are drawn. Subcommands are "on" which enables the extended range and "off" which disables it. If you omit the subcommand then it simply toggles back and forth.
/emote [message]
/em [message]
Sends your PC name and message as an emote within a Say radius. This message will not be displayed if a PC has their Emotes chat filter turned on.
/sit [subcommand]

Certain emotes have special sitting equivalents. Also sits your character in a chair if the chair is nearby. Subcommands are "on" which switches your character to a sitting position and "off" which switches your character to a standing position. If you omit the subcommand then it simply toggles back and forth.
/hpbar [subcommand]

Toggles the display of HP bars on or off for all targets capable of engaging in combat. Subcommand "all" will display HP bars for all enemies and players, "off" will hide them. Omitting the subcommand toggles back and forth.
/enemyrank [subcommand]
/erank [subcommand]
Displays numeric enemy rank, useful for guaging how powerful an enemy is. Subcommands "on" and "off" can be used, or if no subcommand is entered enemy rank is toggled on or off.
/enemyicon [subcommand]
/eicon [subcommand]
Displays red or green icons in front of enemy name to convey whether enemy is currently engaged in combat. Subcommands "on" and "off" can be used, or if no subcommand is entered enemy icons are simply toggled on or off.
/targetmode [subcommand]
 /tmode [subcommand]
Activates targetting mode. Subcommands "a", "b", and "c" switch modes accordingly. Default is set to "a".
/directtarget [subcommand]
 /dtar [subcommand]
Overrides active targetting mode to render all characters selectable. Subcommands are "on" and "off". No subcommand will toggle between the two.

E   M   O   T   E   S

Express anger
Urge someone to come near
Blush with embarrassment
Bow with respect
Let out a cheer
Consoling gesture
Offer congratulations
Brim over with tears
Dance happily
Disagree vehemently
Look doubtful
Doze off quietly
Admire yourself
Look disappointented
Express furious anger
Bid farewell
Motion joyfully
Kneel respectfully
Shake with laughter
Scan the area
Motion to yourself
Look stumped
Strongly disagree
Point at something
Make a poking gesture
Psych yourself up
Engage in general japery
Look shocked
Try to calm things down, offer comfort
Wallow in self pity
Look surprised
Seem lost in thought
Agree wholeheartedly
Look disgusted
Welcoming motion


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