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Friday, April 22, 2011

Creating Combos in MK9: Ermac: Mortal Kombat 9 (2011)

Creating Combos in MK9: Ermac: Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) 

Welcom back to our Creating Combos tutorial for Mortal Kombat 9.  Next up in our character specific videos we will be doing Ermac combos for MK9.  These combos range from easy to medium difficulty so any player willing to put a little bit of time into it should be able to pull off all of these combos.  Be sure to try mixing it up with your own combo starters, fragments, endings, ex moves and x-rays to finish it off.  Enjoy!

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ronin56003 said...

Can't hit the 2nd combo fragment after lift. Tried delays on dash and/or 2nd fragment but no go. Any tips?

Triple P Project said...

The "dash under" combo in that video is rather impractical, I only recorded it to show that it can be done. Believe me, that wasn't my first take on the video for that combo! :) You can get it down tho, its really just a matter of spacing and timing. After the first lift you want to dash immediately.

ronin56003 said...

Ya, i got it to work by just walking forward instead of dashing.

jobe_alan said...

Just a quick word of advice to whoever watches this video, every time he ends the combo with force lift, you can substitute Force Push for more damage. I know it's there for variation, but the Push does more damage than the Life everytime. :)

Cupcakes_and_Wine said...

love the combos, and i agree with jobe_alan tho. i tried the combos out using force push instead, and it does do more damage :)

this is the combo i do as ermac, you can try it out :)

triangle (Y), triangle (Y), force lift, jump kick - teleport, force push.

when you do the jump kick, make sure you teleport right after.

enjoy :)

zappy02 said...

ermac is all about the lift and the port. try this out and post it up, sick dmg and pretty easy. JF4, DB4, DB1, FF, 2,2,BF2. You can basically mix that into any original combo starter. For example: B2(hold),B1,DB1 and then juggle the lift with JF4, DB4, DB1, FF, 2,2,BF2. Also the B1,F1,2,DB4 is an awesome juggle starter. play around and post some vids!

iliya vurbanov said...

i cant do second combo , second hit is so hard and attack after force lift that under (plz help)

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