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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The American Arcade Scene Continues to Dwindle

The American Arcade Scene Continues To Dwindle: 
By Papa Phewpills

As a 29 year old living in the middle of Iowa I have many fond memories as a child about going to the arcades.  Our city used to have two or three arcades that were fully stocked and managed to stay busy every day of the week.  My friends and I would con one of our parents in to driving us to the mall and loaning us money for the day, at the expense of one of us doing a few extra chores.  I can remember the goose bumps I would get as soon as we got in the vehicle from the anticipation of what fun rest of my afternoon would be filled with.  If you were to mention Heaven to me as a kid, the arcade is what I pictured.  The problem?  These memories are far to old since I haven't actually seen an arcade in this city for what seems like 10 years.

No big deal, although Iowa is small, a lot of larger cities throughout the United States still have plenty of arcades to travel to.  Well, this may be true, but today I have received evidence that even in larger cities the arcade scene is dwindling.  Earlier this morning I was greeted by this article over at explaining how a few more major arcades will be shutting down soon.  

Despite all of this I have hope.  Video games seem to be making huge strides in the homes of America.  Heck, even my parents bought a Nintendo Wii and they're not even "gamers".  Not to mention, I have a friend that promises me if he ever wins the lottery he has plans on opening up an arcade.  I really hope he wins...  Soon...


America's Top Arcades Closing Down - Say Goodbye to Chinatown Fair and Arcade Infinity 
by Keits  

Sad news is coming in tonight. Alongside on-again-off-again reports of Arcade Infinity (in Rowland, California) closing its doors, Henry Cen, operator of Chinatown Fair in New York City, posted a notice on his facebook announcing the closure of the famed arcade. 

Cen noted to SRK, "We may be closed by the end of the month. The eviction notice says the 23rd." The arcade age was hanging by a thread as it is. With only a very small handful of operating arcades friendly to fighting game players left, one has to take what little time that remains with those establishments (and the memories kept there-in) and enjoy them. 


Andy said...

Well somebody just opened an arcade...

BrownOctober said...

Also, there have been a few updates to this happening... The first one stating a possible relocation, and the second being a "Ode to Chinatown Fair" video. Both can be found in the links below.

RuffRein said...

I have fond memories of killing entire days at the local arcade. Pocket full of quarters, NBA JAM, that Terminator 2 game, I'd be in there all day. Good times.

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