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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some Choice SSF4 Tutorials From

While rummaging through the various websites associated with the Super Street Fighter 4 world I have come across a series of videos that have caught my attention. I am always looking for good character specific training videos to take my game to the next level, and I think what is doing can help all of us achieve that goal.

The people at have created a series of videos titled " Presents". There are currently five videos posted in this series, each one of them being a character specific video. The five characters that they of selected from the Super Street Fighter 4 series so far are: Ibuki, Cody, Makoto, Juri and Adon.

Each video is roughly 10 mins long or thereabouts, which gives them plenty of time to display many of the characters combos and techniques, yet they are short enough to keep your attention. Each of the of tutorials demonstrates the basics of how to play a character, ranging from how to apply their normals and what their playstyle is, to combos and whatever the character excels at. On top of this, each video is also presented to you by players who are seasoned tournament veterans who really know what works best for the character.



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